Grilled Garlicky Bacon Bread | Hrianka. EUROPE, SLOVAKIA

Grilled Garlicky Bacon Bread | Hrianka. EUROPE, SLOVAKIA

Servings  2people

Prep Time  5minutes

Cook Time  15minutes


5slices bacon

2slices rye bread- OR -

 sour dough bread

1-2cloves garlic


  1. Fry up that bacon. Eat the bacon.
  2. Griddle your bread in the drippings. Health Tip: If you have too many drippings, you can just brush both sides of the bread with a little to taste and use a new, clean pan to toast the bread. You get the same great flavor, but it’s quite a bit healthier.
  3. When both sides of the toast crackle and crunch, remove the bread from the pan and rub it down with a raw garlic clove. The rough, bumpy surface will eat up some of the garlic, giving flavor and – if you use a heavy hand – you’ll even get a hit of spice from the raw garlic. Enjoy!


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