28-03-2018 - Kfc

LEMON CHEESECAKE. Healthy vegetarian cuisine.

Cheesecake is not one of the healthiest desserts to consume but to be honest. This is by far one of the best cheesecakes.

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22-11-2016 - Diana Balahonova

Bread with garlic and tomato | Pa amb Tomaquet. ANDORRA, EUROPE

Pa amb Tomaquet is like an Andorran bruschetta. Instead of piling the bread high with ingredients, however, simply rub thick slices of country bread with garlic and tomato.

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21-11-2016 - Diana Balahonova

Potato Pancakes | Mushroom stuffed Draniki. BELARUS, EUROPE

Pan-fried until crispy and hot, mushroom stuffed draniki taste like pumped up hash browns. Really great comfort food. Belorussians eat these with sour cream, although Americans will like them with ketchup.

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